$100,000 Pledged to help Renovate the Library!

The Friends of the Levittown Library were excited to present an $80,000 check to Martina Koniniarek, Executive Director of the Bucks County Free Library (BCFL). Dedicated volunteers raised these funds through book sales, flea markets, raffles, and donations from the public. The group has pledged an additional $20,000 to be donated within the year, also to be used to help pay for the renovations now underway at the library. This item appeared in the Bucks County Courier Times newspaper. It was also picked up online by Bill Reed., of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Nancy Masulis, President of the Friends group, presented the large check at a ceremony attended by many of the regular members who helped raise the funds, cheered on by the library managers who have encouraged the Friends group. In attendance were (L-to-R): Jim Puzo, Claudia Griffin, Barbara Bill, Nancy Masulis (President), Karen Wilson, Linda Williams (Branch Manager), Martina Kominiarek (Executive Director), Jerry Bill, Rhoda Goldberg, Stephanie Deeter (Regional Manager), and Ella Hamell.

The Levittown Library, built 17 years ago, is currently being renovated to help keep up with the heavy flow of patrons making good use of the library and its excellent resources. Work will continue through the summer and fall, with as little disruption as possible to normal library services.

Anyone wishing to help the Friends achieve the full $100,000 goal can use this form:

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